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​Before, during, and after the series, Mark and the other Allaka-Team members received correspondences from magicians around the world.  Some not so well known, and other quite noteable and established in the industry.  This portion of the Archives reflects the current opinion at the time the show was on the air of what Mark and his efforts with The Magic Land of Allakazam was doing for the art of magic, specifically how it was affecting magic on television.  

As with our other correspondence sections, please respect that this is an exclusive access topic, and it is only because of your level of support to the digital preservation of the collection, that we grant you access to this valuable information.  Please, with your kind understanding, do not publish this information outside of the Allakazam Archives.  You are encouraged to explore and research any and all of this as we continue to scan and post more.  But if you wish to include it in another publication or research activity, please contact us so we can make arrangements to grant you that right.  Otherwise, just have fun and read them all!

​These letters are often hand written, and difficult if not impossible to be searched.  So, if you would like to help us and transcribe a letter or two, please post your transcription in the comments section.  That way, after we review the transcription, we can make it searchable for future research!

Thank you again for your support.  It's your high level of membership to the Archives that makes it possible for us to continue to digitize the collection.  Now, go explore and get re-enchanted with this 2nd Golden Age of Magic!

Best Allaka-Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son#2)

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