This week, Episode #25, 

This Episode originally aired on March 18th, 1961.  Show #25... Wow

The magic in this show is special, well, most of them are, but this one is another great example of how they dove into the creative side of magic.  The Illusion/magic sequence for the finale is wonderful.  It's a complex combination of principles that I think you will really enjoy.  This one, like Show #24, has many cast members assisting.  Watch them closely, see what happens, you might need to see it a couple times.  They do not use a split in the upstage curtains!  So how do they do it?  


Have fun, it's another great show.  I'd love to hear what things you get out of this episode.  There's always something new I discover as I watch the shows.  

Have fun and please TELL  YOUR FRIENDS.
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