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​Welcome to the Allakazam Fan Mail Collection.  As I was digging through the warehouse of archives from Mom and Dad's boxes and boxes of memorabilia, I ran across a very different type of file folder than I had seen normally from that era, and then more and more of them.  Stacks and stacks of mostly hand written and some typed letters from viewers.  Fans like you and me, but these are from the actual children and adults writing about the shows as they aired.  The Original Allaka-Fans.  And apparently they were important to my parents as well, because Mark, Nani, and the Allaka-Team carefully saved them for over 50 years... that's half a century!   As soon as I started reading them I knew I had found some real treasures.

​As I explored, studying one by one, I was enchanted by the charm and innocence of these Original-Fans.  I know they are all grown up now, many with multiple generations of children to follow.  Maybe you are one of them.  Wouldn't that be cool, to find a letter you or someone you know wrote as a fan to Mark and Nani, or Mike, Rebo, and Basil?  I've listed them alphabetically by last name whenever possible.

There are so many it's taking me years to scan them all.  I started scanning them in 2010, and have continued whenever possible ever since.  Now that the Allakazam Archives exists, I'm much more active.  With the help of my friends, we will bring you as much as we can, preserving the history digitally!  

​You can be part of this effort as well by helping us to transcribe these photographic scans into text.  By re-typing the often hand written content, we will be able to search for information, names, and other fun facts.  Also, for those that are have difficulty seeing or reading, they can use their computer to "read it aloud" but only if it is digital text, and not just the scan.  So the effort we all put into this now, will help preserve the history for generations to come.

Below you will find a library of the letters we have been able to post so far.  There are plenty more to come.  If this is a popular area of the site, the current Allaka-Team will be encouraged to do even more!  That's why we welcome your comments, thoughts, and helpful contributions.

Browse what we have now, and keep an eye out for more to come.  Remember, this is an Archive site, so everything here is for our club members to research and help preserve.  Any contributions made by you, our fellow archival friends, is for the benefit of the Allakazam Archives as a whole, and we all appreciate your kindness, just as you benefit from the contributions of others.  This "Family Friendly" site is moderated for content, please let us know how we are doing.

Best Allaka-Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)

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