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What is super cool and quite rare is to be able to see behind the production curtain, and read the actual business communications involved in a show.  As the dedicated Allaka-Supporter that you are, I think you should see what Mark, Nani, and the rest of the Allakazam Team did during the production and how they all worked so hard to make the show happen, and stay on the air.

While only a fraction of the collection has been digitized, I've chosen a few letters and other things to get this all started.

I really hope you find this part interesting, and I look forward to your questions and feedback.   The more you ask about, the more I will be inspired and directed to add to this section.

Once again, I ask you to keep this information to yourself.  Please do not copy and paste these letters online anyplace else.  I post them here with the trust that, as an obviously dedicated supporter, you are interested in learning the truth behind the production.  In turn, please not make this data available to non-members.  Thank you for the mutual trust and understanding.

If  you are interested in using any of this information in a publication or other form, please write to us, and we can make arrangements.  But for now, please just read and enjoy exploring the business and other documents (etc.) that we have digitally preserved for you!

​Best Allaka-Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)

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