December 20


Finley, A. J. – Kellogg 12-28-60

By Basil

December 20, 2017

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​This letter from A.J. Finley, the assistant to the Advertising Manager, is a very nice "Thank You" note for the TeleMatic gift.  But the rest of the letter is so interesting and insightful... especially the last comment about Nani and the ladies on the show.

As we go through the Fan Mail and Biz Correspondences it will be interesting to find more comments about the "tights" and costume choices.  

I wonder if Mom and Dad got to meet these executives?  I'll have to ask them.  

If someone can find photos of these executives, that would be fun to include with the letters.  I did a brief google search, but could not turn up anything.  There must be archives somewhere with the corporate executives and their staff photos.  If you have an idea, or can find them, please let me know!  We need the help and support of all the Allaka-Fans out there to make this a complete resource.  Thanks again for being part of the Allakazam Archives.

Also, please do not republish, link to, or share this particular content outside of our Allakazam Archive community and site.  Let's respect the authors and their families in the same way we would appreciate being respected ourselves.  And in light of that, we will remove your own personal letter if you so request.  These postings and comments are monitored and we will do our best to maintain a fun, family friendly site for all to enjoy!

Best Allaka-Magical Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)​

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