December 9


Olmstead, R. P. – Kellogg 12-28-60

By Basil

December 9, 2017

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This is a really cool find!  A "Thank You" letter for Mark and Nani's gift of the TeleMatic to the VP of Kellogg's.  What is a TeleMatic?  It is a phonenumber mechanical index for a fancy desktop.  I'll post a photo of it as soon as I can find one in the collection.

Did you notice the date of the letter?  December 28th.  That means that the boss and staff were working between Christmas and New Years.  No vacation.  That was a different era of executives back in the 60's.

I just found another letter that has Mr. Olmstead's first name, "Ralph".  Slowly, step by step we will put this giant puzzle back together.  Ralph P. Olmstead, VP of The Kellogg Company, 1960.  (Notice that they do not use the 's​ in the corporate name on the letterhead.  In the series the graphics and voiceover anouncer say, "Kellogg's" with the 's.)​​​

Be sure to read the other letter from the Kellogg's Assistant to the Advertising Manager, A.J. Finley.  It's also from the same date, but has some interesting content.  Personally, I like the last thing it says... but I'll let you discover it yourself.

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