​Cracking Open the Vault!

The 59th Anniversary of Allakazam!

In celebration of the 59th year of the Magic Land of Allakazam television show, Mark and Nani Wilson are cracking open the vast collection at the Allakazam Archives.  Greg Wilson, thier second son, has take on the responsibility of organinzing, digitizing, and preserving the collection, along with his fantastic team of volunteers that are helping him.

On October 1 1960, Episode 1 of the Magical Land of Allakazam first aired. In celebration of the Allakazam Anniversary Greg will air one episode per week right here on the Allakazam Archives Website.  In addition to articles, photo collections, fan mail, and many other discoveries made during the exploration of box after box of this huge collection, Greg will make an effort to continually upload those discoveries week after week.  Some may require an upgraded membership to view.

The Allakazam Archives is a labor of love.  Your support is what makes this possible.  The goal is to actively preserve and record Mark and Nani's decades of life achievements for the future.  It all needs to be converted into digital data, and made available for you all 

Please Click Below to see a quick little video about
Mark Wilson & Nani Darnell's Magical History

The video above was created by Greg Wilson, that's me, so I know it's good.  I hope you will watch it, I worked for a long time to make it.  If it does not play please try another browser if you have one.  If you still have a problem to play the video, please let us know.  You can email directly to: CustomerService@AllakazamArchives.com 

​Be sure to join the Fun ​& Re-Enchantment that is the legacy of
The Magic Land of Allakazam!

Hi, I’m Greg Wilson,

Allaka-Son #2

I’ve been working for many years, putting together this huge project called the "Allakazam Archives."

Part of this whole process is to create a central location for all the memories, photos, stories, and more... a place for the Allaka-Zammers, and Allaka-Fans.  So with the help of all of my good friends, including  Robert Sheehan, Chris Mitchell, Clem Patafio, Steve Mitchell, Nickle Van Wormer, and so many more, loving and caring Allakazm Archives volunteers, we are pushing as fast as we can to make the Magic Land of Allakazam come alive for you too!

My goal is to show my parents and the rest of the Allakazam Players, like Rebo (Bev Bergeron), Christopher Periwinkle (Chuck Burnes), my brother Mike Wilson, and of course John Gaughan, Leo Benhke, Dick Zimmerman, and Jackie Joseph,  that they have hundreds of thousands of fans, hopefully 1 million!  That is the real goal… 1,000,000 members of the Allakazam Fan Club.  

With the love and support of the Allaka-Fans and more, we are digitizing and archivally preserving the history of this era of magic.  And then puting it all online to share with everyone.

​The site is growing daily.  We have too much content to process already, and we are quite backlogged.   But I am quite fortunate to have an all-volunteer team that is working very hard to make it happen.  

​That's why I earned the nick-name, "Tom Sawyer."  because, I’m asking all the neighborhood kids to help me paint this magic fence!

So, if Mark and Nani did anything that influenced you, your art, or just magic in general, please join the site.

We want to hear from you, too!  Tell us about your life in magic.  

We also want to keep you up-to-date with all the new discoveries and progress at the Allakazam Archives.

Please help me share this project with your friends.  Let's hit that Million fans for Mark, Nani, Mike and Rebo, and the Allakazam Players! Please. 

You don’t have to have actually seen the show in the 60's to be bitten by the Allakazam Bug today. .. either Newly Enchanted, or Re-Enchanted, no matter what age.  I bet you’ll be hooked!  Just like I am.

With the combination of all of our Allaka-team spirit, we can do some real magic!

Like dad says,
Happy Magic!
Greg Wilson