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​What have we found?  More and more GREAT Magical stuff!

​As we dig through the collection, we discover more treasures than we expected.  This is the place to come to find out all the cool things we find in boxes, and piles of memorabilia and more.  Check out the postings below.  There's a wealth of Allaka-Discoveries here!

Some of these links are open and available to casual visitors, some are for Fans, some for those that have become "Contributing Members".  Please know that we have no official government support, no endowment, we are in fact... as Mark Wilson would say, "Bootstrapping  it!"

Meaning, we are doing this on our own so far.  But hopefully with your help, we will be able to dig deeper, dissect and define, digitize, ​and finally divest our magical discoveries to YOU!

​This is just the beginning folks!  There's so much to explore in the collection...

Mark Wilsons Magic Club 1967 TV Series
Recently, I was digging through our collection of 16mm film to catalog all the Allakazam Episodes we have.  It's interesting[...]
The Tele-Cine Project Part 1
CONVERTING THE ORIGINAL FILMS TO DIGITAL VIDEOStarting with the Video side of the A-Archives... One of the biggest hurdles of[...]
Remembering Denny Haney
Sadly, one of the world’s most knowledgeable Magicians has been lost… Denny Haney. He was not only a great performing[...]
Kellogg’s Magic Cereal Boxes
​If you are lucky enough to have your Saturday morning Magic TV show sponsored by a cereal company, what a[...]