August 19


Mark Wilsons Magic Club 1967 TV Series

By Basil

August 19, 2019

Recently, I was digging through our collection of 16mm film to catalog all the Allakazam Episodes we have.  It's interesting that some are named "Magic Land" as it was often called in various TV Guides and Newspaper reviews.  But then I ran across a group of film cans that were called "Magic Club" and they did not match the length or style of the actual film cans that house Allakazam Episodes.  

Well, those reels were intriguing, and deserved further exploration.  But it was not until we celebrated Mom and Dad's birthday at the office, that we finally watched some of those films!  To my surprise, and Mark and Nani's as well, it was a COLOR TV show that they had forgotten that they made!  Wow!

The show was made in 1967, we figured out from the copyright at the end of the credits.

As we dig through more of the Archives, I'm finding more pieces of the puzzle.  Like many photos that I had mis-labeled, thinking they went with another project, but now realize they came from this show!  

A good friend that works at a local production company, helped introduce me to the right person that could get these shows digitized on a 2K machine (each frame is scanned, instead of the telecine format that catches the images as they are projected into a camera).  So  now we can see what's on many of the films.  Not all were transferred, just the ones I suspected to be really good or special for some reason.  In the process we discovered some more material.  One was a commercial made for the show!  It's designed to advertise the show on TV, not so much for selling it to the Network.  

While I'm currently researching what the best thing is to do with the shows, we are having an exclusive PREMIERE screening at our offices on Saturday August 24th!  Your contribution of $250 per seat will be used to help transfer more material, and preserve the collection.  We do not have any government grants or other funding, so we rely on the love and support of our Allaka-Fans.  If you see this posting and want to come, we have very limited seating, but you can email me at:

Since I announced the discovery online, many people have asked for a preview of the Premiere.  So, here it is... the Commercial for the series, originally made in 1967.  Please enjoy the video below:

To see the full version of what we have found, and to learn more about the whole project... and most importantly, to share time with Mark, Nani, and tour the collection, come join us on this Saturday, August 24th, 2019.  We currently are exploring offers, and will update everyone as soon as we know what our plans are!  And we have a lot of other material we will Premiere on Saturday!  

We hope you can come.  Please email me at the address above. 

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