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Douglas, Delbert – Telegram – Magic 10-1-60

By Basil

December 20, 2017

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When Mark was a teen, his foundation in magic included the important job of being a demonstrator at Douglas Magic Land in Dallas Texas.  (We need the full story of his work there, but that's gotta be another article!).  This is a very touching message from Mr. and Mrs. Douglas sent at the same time as the premiere episode was broadcast!  That officially makes this the very first letter of congratulations.  They must have been so proud to see Mark and Nani on Network TV.  And such a cute way to congratulate them!  

I just called Dad and asked him what Mr. Douglas's first name was, he tole me "Delbert".  We discussed the way the telegram is signed, and did not come up with a good answer yet.  Drept?  Maybe a typo for "Dbert"?

I found this brief history online: "Douglas Magic Land was started by two brothers, Lyle and Delbert Douglas, in 1921 on Commerce Street in downtown.  In 1927 it moved to 409 N. Ervay where it stayed for 53 years until 1980 when it moved to Midway Road in North Dallas where it ultimately closed."  (Thank you Robert Reitz, )

​Thank you for reading this, and we hope you enjoy all the other great letters from friends, fans, and more!  This is just the beginning.

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