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NYWF 64 Proposal-Canvas Print-Concept Art

By Basil

September 19, 2019

The Concept Art 32"W x22"H from the 2nd Show Proposal for the New York World's Fair, by Frank Martineau

Original art from the Allakazam Archives Collection:

Towards the end of the Magic Land of Allakazam, Mark Wilson sold an amazing "Film to Life" interactive live stage show that incorporated all the cutting edge magic that the Allakazam Creative team could come up with.  Sadly, they discovered that the show that was sold to the General Cigar Co. for the Hall of Magic was beyond what the technology of the time could achieve!  What a horrible position to be in, especially a couple of months out from the opening of the 64/65 New York World's Fair!

Mark, armed with a new show  proposal, and some new concept art, went to the headquarters of General Cigar, in New York, to explain the situation and "sell" them on the new "Magic Show" production.  This spectacular piece of Concept Art, seen here as the Gallery Canvas, Large 32"wide by 22" tall version, was a leading piece in that presentation!  History tells us that not only did Mark save the production company's reputation, but, he and his team created one of the top 10 live attractions, ranking #7 in audience reviews for both years of the World's Fair.  Thats a great achievement when competing with giants like Disney.

The process of this spectacular illusion is presented on a single 32" x 22" panel.  A clear box is assembled on a flat platform, covered, hoisted by a crane, and then, in a magical "Smoke Ring", a lovely lady in a sparkling dress is produced.  This art was drawn by famous magician and artist, Frank (Francis) Martineau, in 1964, for Mark Wilson.   It has been told to me that Martineau was so skilled at this type of line drawing, with ink or pencil, that he rarely, if ever, made a sketch.  He would visualize it and go directly into the finished product.  Although it has  been said that he had a rough temper, he certainly was a "fine artist".

This beautiful, Numbered Edition, Gallery Wrapped, Canvas Print represents our dedication to the true color and texture achieved by Frank Martineau.  We paid close attention to the original and, on each print, have carefully, manually, added the detail of glitter to the Lady's dress, making the production effect even stronger in this Presentation art.   It's not "storyboard" art. It has a much higher degree of finish.   This 34" wide x 22" tall rendering was intended to be a feature piece in the presentation and help save the day.  It's never been released to the public.  That's why this is a wonderful opportunity to amaze your friends and family with the story of how rare and special this New York World's Fair Presentation Art piece is!

There is an incredible companion piece to this presentation art (see image below). It is an extremely RARE ORIGINAL POSTER, Real Memorabilia, in near Mint condition.  I have found many elements related to this whole NYWF story.  I plan on writing about that whole experience.   We also have  a DVD of the full show, as it  was performed, along with other limited ephemera from the Fair.

Either as a stand-alone piece or side by side with the "General Cigar, The Hall of Magic" Poster, this is an excellent addition to a magical Gallery!   This  is a great way to bring a little Magic from the NYWF into your home!   And now you can have your own Allakazam Archives Canvas Gallery Wrap, that may last much longer than the original!   

Large NYWF Proposal Art by Frank Martineau for The Hall of Magic

64/65 NYWF Super Rare Near Mint ORIGINAL Print Poster

Image Notes:

Allakazam Archives Gallery Wraps are perfect for any space. Each wrap is crafted with using our premium canvas reproduction techniques and hand wrapped around a deep, hardwood stretcher bar. Hung as an ensemble or by itself, this frameless presentation gives you a versatile way to display art in your home.


  1. 1
    Premium museum-quality canvas substrate
  2. 2
    Hand mounted on wooden stretcher bars
  3. 3
    Long-life pigment inks that outperform conventional press inks
  4. 4
    Edition number is applied to each Limited Edition Canvas
  5. 5
    Individually numbered “Certificate of Authenticity,” matched to the art piece
  6. 6
    Made in the USA

Numbered Edition gallery wrapped canvas:

The Allakazam Archives Collection, Numbered Edition Canvases, combine old world craftsmanship with the finest materials and latest production technologies to create extraordinary artwork, for you.  Using museum-quality canvas, our reproduction process captures not only the color and mood of the enchanting original art, but the actual brushwork as well.  Every piece is made with the strictest quality control, giving your Allakazam Archive Treasure a look almost identical to the artist’s on-easel original. Vibrant colors, rich textures and color tones accurate to the original, are the hallmarks of your finished piece.

© Greg Wilson – All Rights Reserved

Additional Information:


Gallery Wrap, Hand Mounted on Wood Stretcher Bars


34” Wide x 22” High x 1.5” Deep


Frank (Francis) Martineau


Authentic Museum Quality Canvas


Pencil and Chalk on black art board, with Glitter accents


Concept Art, Show Proposal


Gallery Wrapped Canvas, New York World''s Fair

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