December 10


Osborne, Paul – Magic 3-22-62

By Basil

December 10, 2017

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The signs were there from the beginning that Paul Osborne would become a real magician.  And his art became a well known feature in Genii Magazine for many years.  I spoke with Paul a few weeks before his untimely passing, and he was telling me about his memories of Mark Wilson performing at his Birthday Party when he was a little boy.  Apparently Mark was quite an influence on young Paul, as we can see by his prolific career performing and inventing magic.  Paul is missed, and I wish he could see that we found his early letter and art.

If you have any stories to add about Paul, please submit them below in the comments box.  We will share them with the rest of the Allaka-Fans.  Any way that you can help, with research, time, or other contributions, we welcome your thoughtfulness.  Finding hidden treasures like this letter are wonderful discoveries.  But maintaining the collection, organizing it, digitizing, and taking care of Mr. Landlord, are all big responsibilities.  So, in advance,  I want to thank you for being an Allaka-Fan, spreading the word about this project, and telling us your magic story... we need all of you, Allaka-Fans!​

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Best Allaka-Magical Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)​

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