December 10


Price, David- Egyptian Hall Museum – Magic 2-4-62

By Basil

December 10, 2017

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I'm so glad that David Price of the Egyptian Hall Museum was so patient and persistent to get something from Mark and the gang.  I can easily imagine how busy and difficult it was to keep up with the mail at that time.  And I know that even now, my folks want people like David to get some really good material for the collection, so he was most likely waiting for a moment when he could find the right things to send.

I can tell that the letter Mark wrote back to Mr. Price, was really from Mark, because of the initials in the bottom left.  "MW" being Mark Wilson, and "bi" would be his secretary.  Now we just need to ask what those initials stood for.

Mike Cavney has the Egyptian Hall collection, I believe, and he might have the material that Dad sent.  I'll have to ask him.  Maybe if Mike is reading this, you can pitch in your vast knowledge.  Or if someone else out there can tell us more about the Egyptian Hall Museum and David Price, please do!  We welcome all contributions.​

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Best Allaka-Magical Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)​

About the author

  • I was very fortunate to visit David Price in his home/museum. I was a total stranger to him, but asked to visit and he so graciously allowed me to do so. There was so much there I was overwhelmed and didn’t specifically ask about collections that now I wish I had. I was so pleased by David’s willingness to share his valuable collection, not just with me, but with anyone that had a serious interest. So happy he did his book. It is a true treasure in my magic library!

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