March 22


Siefkes, Timmy 2-5-62

By Clem The Man!

March 22, 2019

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​I'm so happy you are reading the Fan Mail!  Is this letter written by you or someone you know?

​This is perhaps one of my favorite sections of the Archives, to explore and share. I hope you will also enjoy reading this and the other letters collected from fans during the airing of The Magic Land of Allakazam.  This particular section is for the original fans of the show.  Other sections contain letters from magicians and organizations, though there is cross over as many young viewers/fans became professional magicians!  Are you one?

​One of the goals of the Allakazam Archives is to transcribe these letters, and make them searchable documents.  As a volunteer based Archive, I'm asking you, clearly a fan yourself, to have fun... Please pick a letter that has not been transcribed, and type the contents of the letter (seen as a photographic scan here) in the "Comment" section.  The "Comment" section is right below what you are reading now.  You may not see your "comment" right away, as we do moderate all postings on the site to prevent spam and inappropriate material.  That way, eventually, everything will be searchable, and preserved for generations to come to enjoy.

The other goal is to find out who these wonderful people are now, and if they continued to have an interest in magic, or if their lives followed another path.  It's amazing where some of these wonderful fans have gone and what they have done in the 50+ years since they originally wrote these charming notes.

If you have your own story, not related to this post, please tell us about it, but we ask for your help by sharing your personal experiences in the "My Allaka-Story" section of the site.  You can navigate to it using the menu above.

​However, if you wrote this one, or if you want to do some research for us about the author, please make notes about your findings below, in the "Comment" section.  As a team of Allaka-Fans I bet we can discover some very fun stories.  I know from the few that I have personally looked into​ that there is some wonderful stories out there.  One fan from the 60's has grown up to become the World's foremost authorithy on Jewish Biblical Coins.   Who knows what else is waiting to be discovered?  

​Please be kind, and let's not pry into anyone's life too much, nor contact them inappropriately.  That's not the spirit of investigation about which The Allakazam Archives supports.  The research is just a fun and curious activity, please.  This is a place for good news.

Also, please do not republish, link to, or share this content outside of our Allakazam Archive community and site.  Let's respect the authors and their families in the same way we would appreciate being respected ourselves.  And in light of that, we will remove your own personal letter if you so request.  These postings and comments are monitored and we will do our best to maintain a fun, family friendly site for all to enjoy!

Best Allaka-Magical Wishes,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)​

Clem The Man!

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