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"Lovely Nani Darnell... ​Enchanting and Swell!"

It has been said that Nani Darnell has performed more different magic illusions than any other magical partner, because of all of the episodes of Allakazam and the many other shows she performed with her lifelong magician/husband Mark Wilson.  It has also been said that Nani Darnell jump started the hormones of young men across the country... which may also be true as we explore the wonderful and flattering fan letters in her Fan Mail section of the Nani Darnell - Fan Club.

What is also interesting is that many dedicated fans did not realize that she is married to Mark, nor that the little boy on the show is her son Mike!

​Blessed with a very youthful grace and charm, Nani has been fooling the public in more ways than one for many years.  

Surprisingly, some of the fan letters to Nani ​did not make it to her desk, for one reason or another.  She has been as enlightened and pleased as I am to discover these wonderfully enchanted fans adored her performances on the show.  It is so much fun to see my mother blush as she reads them.  And it was so nice of the Allakazam Team to have answered many of on her behalf in very kind and caring ways.  

So please enjoy, as she does now, the reminiscing, the enchantment, and the thanks to all of those that thought enough to share their feelings with her.  "They are so sweet" as Nani shyly remarks, even today.

If you were and or still are one of those "Fans of Nani" I, her second son, thank you for making my mom , who is now in her 80's feel so special.  It's always nice to hear that you are loved.  And if you have a story to share with her, please write to her.  You can put it in the comments below, or send it to her directly.  I know she would love to hear from you.

With Magical Gratitude,

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)