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The Treasure Store of Memorabilia

The Original "Allakazam Comic Book"!

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The "Magic Trick"  Comic Book Story...

In 1961-2 Mark and the Allakazam Team, mainly Glenn Schmitz and Leo Behnke, created this custom "Magic Club" comic version of a Magic Book. These fun booklets were given to the kids that came to see the "Live" recording of Allakazam.   They were also given to kids at the various State Fair shows across the USA.  There are actually two versions of the comic book.  This one is the original... If you look at the images above you can see the reference to "Kellogg's" as the Magic Word.  The next edition of this comic was printed after the Kellogg's sponsorship changed.  that's why, if you look at it closely, you can see where the text was modified.  I'll get that one up for you soon.

Did you ever get one as a kid?  Maybe you would like one now?  We found a limited quantity of near MINT condition, New/Old Stock, in a box, on a shelf, in the back... you know, lost until found kinda thing!  If you are lucky we have not sold out of them yet, so please click here to check the Treasure Store to see if any are available.

By adding one to your collection of original Allakazam Memorabilia you help to keep the Allakazam Archives alive and well and online.  It's only through the thoughtful contributions of our volunteer Archive team, and Allaka-Fans like you, that we can continue to research, digitize and preserve this analog era of magic history.

I hope you enjoy seeing the actual first edition of the Magic Club booklet right now, at least the digital version.  I think Glenn Schmitz's art is fun.  Mom thinks that Mark's character looks more like Glenn than Mark, but I don't necessarily agree.  I like it a lot!  And the magic is fun too!

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)