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WOW! The Allaka All​-Access Passport

Allaka All-Access Passport

The ​All-Access Passport gives you MORE:

     1) All-Access to the Full Episode Library.  You can watch any show in this growing library at any time, for as many times as you want!!

    2) Membership to the NANI DARNELL FAN CLUB,  Monthly Plan gives you Online Nani Darnell Fan Club access.  See the photos of Nani, many of which have never been published.  Some are raw proof sheets or scans of negatives that may never have been printed! See the videos.  And enjoy a personal online "chat" with Nani herself!  {The Monthly plan does not include Nani's Personalized Photo Print Collection.  The Photo Print Collection is available ONLY with the Annual Plan plus shipping and processing)

    3) THE VIDEO VAULT Coming soon, See the extensive collection of Wilson shows as they are uploaded!

     3) The ALLAKA-MAGIC LAB! Learn the REAL METHODS behind some of the best Magic ​from the series.​​​  This ​new section explores the SECRETS of some of the most ground-breaking magic as it aired on this legendary series!

     3)The "ALLAKA-BIZ. & ETC." Collection​!​  See "Never Made Public" private documents about the show.  Original Scripts, Correspondences, Proposals, Concepts, Creative Work, and so much more.  These are the REAL SECRETS that kept the show going for 5 years.  ​Discover the REAL STORIES BEHIND THE CAMERA!  There has NEVER been a collection as complete as this, digitized and archived for you to explore the "How's and Why's" of the FIRST & ONLY show ever made of it's kind!​​​​​​

​     4) The "Magical Friends Mail" Library!  An amazing collection of correspondence with some of the most famous magicians of that era.  ​

​     5) The "Allaka Press & Media" Library!  This fast growing section contains all the ​ephemera from the series and the "On-The-Road" shows.

     6)  The "Allaka-Fan Mail" Library!  This is an incredible and fun collection of letters written to Mark, Nani, Rebo, and the Allakazam Gang, from all ages.  ​

     7) The "Allaka-Puzzle" Library!  A collection of clips that feature fun puzzles and science experiments.  ​

     8) PLUS the BIGGEST Treasure Store  Discounts! ​ Just for being part of the Allakazam Archives Family, It's our way to show our appreciation for your dedication.

Enjoy "All Access" with an ​Allaka-Passport!
We thank you and appreciate your support to help ​​"Save the Magic!"