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The Treasure Store of Memorabilia

Magic Castle Cocktail Glass 1970's RARE!

Mint Condition, New-Old Stock, Discovery

Milt and Bill created this very special Magic Castle Cocktail Glass, with a clear "Crystal Ball" styled window in the front that let's you look through the drink and see the image of the Castle printed on the inside of the glass.  on the outside of the glass are the names of famous magicians of that era.  As of right now, Mark Wilson is one of the only living magicians immortalized on the outside of the glass.

Mark and Nani bought a case of these glasses for their personal use, and only a few are left, un-used, brand new but roughly 50 year old glasses!  It's amazing what I find when digging in the warehouse.  This offer is for a single glass. The images above are to give you a full view of all sized os the glass.  This Glass is a great example of the hidden treasures in the collection.  Get yours now, because once they are gone, they'll be gone!

Greg Wilson (Allaka-Son #2)