May 22


Four Card Assembly From Show 17

By Basil

May 22, 2018

​Original Presentation

On the 17th Episode, Mark performs a very nice Four Card Assembly, where all the cards magically gather to one corner of the newspaper.  This is based on William McCafrey's "Four Aces" routine in Greater Magic (1938).  I wrote to Leo Behnke (original Allakazam-Magic Team member), and he quickly identified it for me.  Thanks again Leo!

Four Card Assembly SOH Magic from Episode 17

Please click on the triangle in the screen above to play the video.  If it does not play please ​try another browser if you have one.  We are working on this issue right now.  That's why this is a "Beta Test" preview.  Mozilla Firefox has been very stable with all the functions of the site.

​Please enjoy this presentation of "Sleight Of Hand" magic.  And after you see it, I'll show you the secret!  Greg Wilson presents it and then teaches it.  Just click on the images below.


Greg Wilson presents the effect at the Allakazam Archives Studio to make it easy to study.  All you need are 4 cards, 1 piece of large paper, and two large index cards.

Click below to watch the effect again.


​In this video, Greg teaches you the secret and handling so you can perform this fun magic yourself.  Please remember to practice before you show anyone!

Click below to learn the secret.

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