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Greg Wilson, Founder and Curator of the Allakazam Archives

"There's never been a website, quite like this one, ever before in the history of magic!"

I know, because I'm making it, with the help of my "All volunteer team."  That's why I can quote myself with such a bold statement.  Read on, and I'll explain more...

My brother Mike and I have unique parents.  Other people ask us, "what's it like to grow up in a home full of so much magic and show biz."  Well, our Mom and Dad, Nani and Mark Wilson, did so much in their lives with and for the Art and Business of Magic, over so many years, it's hard to answer that question.  I mean, really, a LOT of different things.  And it was totally different childhood lifestyles for Mike and I.  So he and I have nearly opposing perspectives as we look back.  But one thing that is true for both family, and non-blood related family and friends, is that we all love Mark Wilson and Nani Darnell.

After many years of concerted effort in Dallas, TX, Mark and Nani went "Mainstream" in Hollywood and broke the ground for all other magicians to follow.  They  "self-produced" the FIRST (and only one of it's kind, still today!) Network Magic TV Series.   Yes it is very true that by the time they moved to LA to make Allakazam, they had a great team supporting them, including Rebo the Clown, and many others.  But, Mark and Nani were responsible for all sales, all the contracts, all the bills, and all the production needs, and were left "holding the bag" at the end of the day!   So I give them the well earned  credit, ultimately, they suffered the pain of success. 

Mark and Nani, and the Allaka-Team, did everything possible to keep it on the air for 5 years... with new episodes, new stories, and of course, new magic.  In the end, they produced just 1 shy of 100 shows (99 were shot, the last was pre-empted by a presidential speech).  All while remaining independent entrepreneurs, not the product of some major corporation.

How can that be?  Wasn't Kellogg's the Sponsor?  Why did they move from CBS to ABC?  How did they stay on the air, and make more episodes of Allakazam than  there were of Gilligan's Island?  And why has this Legendary magic show virtually been lost in the annals of magic?

Well, it's NOT LOST ANYMORE!  My goal is to help preserve these important achievements and growth in  the history of Magic by Digitizing them and making them available for the world to research online.  

For more than 10 years, I've been like Tom Sawyer to my brother Mike (when he visits LA),  my friends, and anyone that is an Allaka-Fan  to be my "Huck Finn" and help me dig through boxes, scan images, transfer videos, organize, file, and save anything and everything we can.  

Mark and Nani SAVED IT ALL.  They really did save every scrap of paper, receipt, note, letter, photo, film, anything to do with their life in showbiz from their childhood on.  And they've been storing it for all these years!  

Dad's going to be 90 years old this year, so that means THERE'S A LOT OF ARCHIVES from him alone.

Mom's going to be 88 this year, and we have all her costumes and life history as well!  

That's why I'm asking for help, NOW.   It's just too much for me to maintain alone, and support financially.  So... step by step we are cataloging everything, putting the real stories up on this site, and using the income from this project to pay for itself.  And, as the project moves forward, we are happy to share the content of the collection to fans, like YOU.  MUCH of it is and will eventually be up for sale, once I have it digitized.

PLEASE KNOW that when you purchase anything through this site, or join as a member, your contributions go directly to the preservation and maintenance of the project.  I hope you enjoy what I'm doing to save this valuable "Second Golden Age of Magic" and teach future generations how it was done before magic was everywhere on computers and the internet.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for visiting the site.  Please tell me what you think of it, and of what you want to see more.  You can reach me directly at: Wilson@AllakazamArchives.com

With my Best Magical Wishes,

And, "Happy Magic!"

Greg Wilson

Allaka-son #2

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