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​This is a special section of the
Allakazam Archives
Dedicated to the preservation
of the Secrets of the magic!

​Hi, this is your magical archivist, Greg Wilson, and this special project is here to explore some of the creative presentations of classics of magic as well as the innovative new magic created for the series by Mark Wilson and his incredible Allaka-Team of Magical Minds.  The wealth of knowledge and experience that each contributor brought to the show is amazing.  In this section ​we can explore not only the secrets of individual tricks as they aired, but also the thought that went into making them, the ideas proposed by other magicians, and even the rough sketchs and hand written notes from the original brainstorm sessions through which the shows were envisioned and finally realized.

To help cover the time and resources needed to build this important section of the Allakazam Archives we have made it a special feature for higher level members.  If your current level does not have access, we invite you to upgrade your membership, knowing that your help is making it possible for us to continue to add to this very interesting part of the history of The Magic Land of Allakazam.  We truly appreciate all the love and support of all our Allaka-Family!

​Please click on the links below to start your adventure into the Secrets of the Magic Collection!

Four Card Assembly From Show 17
​Original Presentation On the 17th Episode, Mark performs a very nice Four Card Assembly, where all the cards magically gather[...]