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​Free Membership

As and "Allaka-Fan" Member, you have:

    1) Access to the Full Episode we are screening that week!  We host one episode each week as we have them available.  

     2) Read the "Fan Mail" Library.  This is an incredible and fun collection of letters written to Mark, Nani, Rebo, and the Allakazam Gang, from young and old alike.  Some of them are quite entertaining.  This collection is constantly growing as we discover more and more of them in the archives.

     3) See the "Allaka-Puzzle" Library.  Many episodes of Allakazam featured some puzzle or science experiment.  It's another fun part of the show that is being gathered from different episodes and organized in this secion of the Archives.

     4) And you get advance notice of additions to the Treasure Store just for being part of the Allakazam Archives Family.  It's our way of saying "Thank you, and Happy Magic".

Join now.. Join the Fun... Join our Allaka Fan Club.

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